Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Arqueologia i vida quotidiana a l'època medieval. L'excavació i interpretació d'una casa del segle XIII al jaciment de L'Esquerda.

Imma Ollich i Castanyer


Archaeology and daily life in Middle Ages. The digging and interpretation of a 13th. century house in the site of l’Esquerda. The archaeological excavation on the iberian and mediaeval site of l’Esquerda, near the town of Roda de Ter, in the way to Pyrenean mountains, is carried on since 1977 by a University of Barcelona team. The special structure of a mediaeval deserted village has been studied, with its geoestrategical location in a peninsula upon the river Ter, the walls and structures from iberian times, the ancient patterns of settlement and urbanism, and the long human ocupation. The houses of the medieval town are around a romanesque church and its necropole of antropomorphical graves. Some mediaeval structures that had been burned, give us a lot of information about daily current life in Middle Ages: houses made by stone, clay and wood, elements as tools, furnitures, weapons. The paleocarpological and sedimentological analyses give us information about the human food. This paper presents the description of the research’s process of a domestic structure from 13th. centuy in Catalonia, from the excavation in situ, through the analyse, until the final hipothetical restitution.

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