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La ciudad de Baza y el Libro de Repartimiento después de su conquista (4-Diciembre- 1489)

Cristóbal Torres Delgado


This article is divided into two parts. In the first, the scenary of the eastern mountains of Granada where the town of Baza stands is described in great detail. The geographical feature of the Penibetica region are pictured as a background to the famous nasrid town. Then in order to offer some concrete information about Baza, a few typical Characteristics of the medieval Towns are given. In the second part of this article, it is presented basic and detailed information about the urban “Repartimiento” in the town of baza after it was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs. The most interesting characteristics of the "Repartimiento" and its contents are analyzed. Diagrams clearly drawn with the goods which were given out in the town; the agricultural surface; the inhabitants and their origins; the privileges and donations and favours granted to noblemen, to the council, and to ecclesiastical instituctions, etc. are included. Finally this article proves the usefulness of the “Libro del Repartimiento” for research in this area. This book, the last in the medieval period, once published will be fundamental en the production of more rigorous and deeper studies of the period.

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