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Aspectos del cautiverio musulmán en los países de la Corona de Aragón (primer tercio del s. XIV), a través de tres procesos

Manuel Sánchez Martínez


The aim of this article is to give a cursory examination of three judicial proceedings, two of which are from the Crown of Aragon’s archives and the other one from the kingdom of Majorca’s archives. These proceedings narrate the vicissitudes of probable subjects of the Kingdom of Granada within the Crown of Aragon during the first third of XIV century. To be more precise, the aim is to show, through three different moments (1318, 1324 and 1334-1335) and starting from events which took place in the territories of Aragon, Valencia, Catalonia and Majorca, snippets of the life wanderings (captivity - either due to capture during the combat or through corsair deals - sale, flights, apostasies, claims to obtain freedom...) of some Muslim captives in the Crown of Aragon. Given the well-known capacity of sources of a legal nature to describe scenes, suggest atmospheres and reveal attitudes, the facts which are related here may be useful to those who are carrying out studies about the Muslim captivity during the early Middle Ages.

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