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Un calendari litúrgic franco-mossárab (ss. X-XI) a l'Arxiu de la Catedral de Barcelona

Àngel Fàbrega i Grau


The author, emeritus canon keeper of archives in the Cathedral of Barcelona, presents a liturgical Frankish-Mozarabic calendar, which was conserved among the "Codicum fragmenta: libri liturgici" (A.C.B., cod. 185/1) of the aforementioned archive: a single folded parchment (which belonged to a set of three folded parchments) coming from an ecclesiastic manuscript. It contains the liturgical CALENDAR from the 16th of May to the 18th of July (first part), and from the 9th of November to the 31st of December (second part). It was written by (and for the use of ) a small community, which was probably monastic, and certainly in the Spanish March. It is not possible to specify precisely the place it comes from. From the way it was written, and after the internal study of the fragment, the author believes that it can be located within the last years of the X century or in the first decades of the XI century, and that it was copied from an older calendar, of Gallic origin, completed with the addition of some feast of Hispanic origin. It is contemporary to the Ripoll calendar, but it is not complete and it was not very much neatly done. Both calendars are the oldest ones among those known to be written after the political reconquest of the March by the carolingians, in the IX century, when the Visigothic-Mozarabic Hispanic liturgy was substituted by the Roman liturgy.

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