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Cel·les monàstiques vinculades a Guifré el Pelós i a la seva obra repobladora (vers 871-897)

Ramon Ordeig i Mata


In the last decades of the ninth century there were several monastic or para-monastic cells linked to the count «Guifré el Pelós» (the Hairy) and his task of repopulation.
Some of them, as «Sant Andreu de Gréixer» and «Sant Llorenç de Morunys», did exist before the count founded the masculine monastery of «Santa Maria de Ripoll» and the feminine one of «Sant Joan de les Abadesses». These two monasteries, as many others of that time, had their own net of monastic cells placed in alodia donated by the founder count, as it can be seen in the inclosed map. During his living were also founded the cells of «Santa Maria de la Quar» and «Sant Sebastià del Sull», with no known relation with any monastery.

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