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Resonancias murcianas de los "Voto de Santiago"y de "San Millán de la Cogolla"

Juan Torres Fontes


In the 12th century two myths were created: The Privilege of the “Voto de Santiago”, and shortly after the one of “San Millán de la Cogolla”. It was a plot of a marked economic interest, being both privileges based on the presumed intervention of apostle Santiago in assistance of Ramiro I and Count Fernán Gonzalez. The Compostelan Church and the Cogollan Monastery managed to obtain royal allowances which confirmed these plotted privileges, and also managed to spread their money-collecting urge to all the Castilian kingdoms, even to the kingdom of Granada. This would persist with different shares and demands until its supression by the “Cortes de Cádiz” in 1812.

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