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Els Ros de Garrigosa: entorn les relacions entre la oligarquia de la vila de Cardona y l'alta burgesia barcelonina (segles XII-XV)

Andreu Galera i Pedrosa


With the actually work, we will study the bonds which unite the Cardona village oligarchy with the urban Barcelona burgesses. The Garrigosa with the successive changings in the surname (Ros of Garrigosa, Fortesa and Ros), grew richer during the XIIth and XIIIth centuries, thanks to the viscounts and Saint Vincent’s collegiate church to dedicate at the beginning of the XIVth century to the trade world. It was at this time, in the thirteen twenties and thirties when the Ros exceeded the local Cardona area trade and moved to Barcelona where they settled and founded one of the most active trading group of the time. During the XVth century, such situation led them to belong to the highest social stratum and they even acceded to the executive power organs in Barcelona, being one of the most representative family of the oligarchic group the Biga who fought against the Busca populiste program.

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