Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Un cas de dissidència cronogràfica: Còmput cronològic a Vic i al bisbat de Vic, segles XII-XIV

Rafel Ginebra i Molins


The usage of years related to the reign of French kings to date documents, died out from the year 1180 in Catalunya. In most institutions and areas the use of dates according to the anno ab Incarnatione Domini, the year of the Incarnation, was adopted and this became generalised throughout the country. Nevertheless, in Catalunya during the XII century, many powers were able to choose the dating system used for documents produced under their authority or jurisdiction, and this gave rise to some cases of dissent with regard to the majority. This is the case of the episcopal document- producing offices of Vic which instead of adopting the computation of the dates by the year of the Incarnation, adopted the annum a Nativitate Domini, the year of the Nativity. In 1350, the remaining institutions abandoned dating according to the date of the Incananation, and ended up coinciding with the ecclesiastical scribes of Vic in the use of the style of the Nativity.

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