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La ocupación de los castillos valencianos después de la conquista cristiana del siglo XIII

Pedro López Elum


James I´s policy, which was to be continued by his immediate successors, did not yield the results expected. Its purpose was repopulating those areas of the habitat adjoining the castles, so as to control the strategic points of the territory. Its ultimate failure was due to two facts: on the one hand, there were not enough contingents to carry it out; on the other, they were not willing to be subject to their governor´s military authority. The King´s insistence made it possible that a number of castles (Denia and Corbera, among others) implemented such policies, though. It is therefore striking James I´s command in 1251, according to which the inhabitants of the Castle of Castellón should abandon that position and many of them should be placed in an ancient islamic farmhouse. We will analyze the causes that justify this exceptional measure.

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