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Poder escrit i successió al comtat d'Urgell (1188-1210)

Thomas N. Bisson


This article is devoted to a series of records concerning rights of succession to the county of Urgell during the years 1188 to 1210. On two occasions Count Ermengol VIII received the sworn professions of fidelity to Countess Elvira, in case of Ermengol's death without heirs, from the people of his major towns in Urgell. And in 1210 King Pere I, acting as lord-protector of Urgell, received oaths of fidelity from the inhabitants of at least two of the same towns. The documents, seven in all, original parchments and (in 1210) papers, apparently unpublished, bear the names of those professing fidelity for Agramunt and Ponts (26-27 January 1188), for Agramunt, Ponts and Linyola (17 August 1206), and for Agramunt and Linyola (1 and 4 March and after 18 April 1210). These records raise questions about procedure, lordship, and the writing of power, and these matters are examined in turn. It is clear that the Count of Urgell laid claim to a quasi-vassalic lordship of homage and fidelity by the end of the twelfth century.

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