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Hacia un modelo de aglomeración y desaglomeración del espacio regional urbano, Kugman revisitado

Josep Roca Cladera, Carlos Marmolejo Duarte


The object of this paper is directed towards investigating the effects of the
economies of agglomeration and disagglomeration in the regional-urban space that led firstly to
the emergence, throughout the 19th Century and first half of the 20th Century, of the
metropolises of concentrated urbanisation, as well as later, in more advanced stages of the 20th
Century, to what has come to be called “contraurbanisation”, “desurbanisation” or the “diffuse
city”. With this end in mind, the self-organizing model proposed by Krugman (1996) is
discussed, in order to explain the phenomenon of the “edge cities”, as well as setting out a
complementary essay, with the intention of explaining the two-fold phenomenon concentrationdispersion
that currently characterises the metropolitan areas of the developed world The
paper concludes with an empirical exercise through the application of the model developed to
the specific concrete reality of the metropolitan territory of Barcelona.

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