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Designing baselines for developing an integrated coastal zone management system in the Adriatic: experience in Slovenia

Gregor Čok


The aim of this study was to design baselines for developing an Integrated coastal zone management system (ICZM), as required by the ICZM Protocol (2008) for the Adriatic. Using descriptive and experimental methods, we simulated the process of drawing-up the Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan (OPPN) for spatial developments in the coastal zone of the Strunjan Bay, which is protected under different protection schemes. The simulation was directed at recognising the existing spatial planning and urban design system and at defining the starting points to develop an integrated management system. We found that nowadays the existing system in the Republic of Slovenia is hindered by the strictly separate jurisdictions for the marine part and terrestrial part, and the established methodological practice focusing purely on producing spatial planning documents for land. The aquatic land management system is based on a partial granting of concession rights for the use of water land and is, in reality, non-comparable to the system of management on land. To bring about “integration” it is necessary to find a new approach that would increase the range of participating stakeholders, project starting points, and the manner of their methodological treatment.The study was conducted under the SHAPE[1] project; its results are intended to be used by institutions at the local and national levels responsible for coastal zone management.[1] Shaping an Holistic Approach to Protect the Adriatic Environment between coast and sea (2011–2014).

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