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Enseñanza geolocalizada de los proyectos urbanos: nuevas estrategias educativas con ayuda de dispositivos móviles: un estudio de caso de investigación educativa

Ernesto Redondo Domínguez, Alberto Sánchez Riera, David Fonseca Escudero, Isidro Navarro Delgado


This paper, which is included in a larger research framework, aims to study the implementation of a mobile Geolocation-based Augmented Reality (AR) system on Layar© platform, for educational purposes. This application allows the creation of information channels using databases that store 3D models and all kinds of multimedia content. The working methodology for this educational research was the study case. It was conducted with students of Architecture degree and Urban Planning Masters, and we were focused on the use of ICT in Urban Design, using college campuses as a central theme. The experience was called Geo-learning because, besides the use of E-Learning strategies, it incorporated student’s 3d content geo-localization. This allowed its assessment on a particular site, and enabled us to demonstrate feasibility and effectiveness of this technology in educational settings.

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