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Imaginarios urbanos de la discapacidad y la exclusión

Adolfo Benito Narváez Tijerina, Karina Soto Canales


On this work are presented the main results of a field research about urban imaginaries of disability in Monterrey, Mexico. First presents the background about importance and pertinence of studying the city from social imaginaries theory. Second presents the research method, that from research main theme and field tradition, are decided work with qualitative methods, decided for the life stories recompilation from persons with a non-permanent disability. Third are presented five life stories focusing on the description of relationships between the person, the city and its inhabitants. Finally are presented a few reflections about the role that plays disability imaginaries as an element to understand the behaviour of citizens in front of these minority and how throw the comprehension of explored visions in this work, it is possible explain that the urban and architectural forms are vehicles to exclude the disability’s minority

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