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Urban layout and façade solar potential: a case study in the Mediterranean Region

Alessandra Curreli, Helena Coch Roura


The access of direct radiation on building façades and the consequent opportunities for the passive use of solar energy mostly depend on the geometry of the urban canyon. The main factors which affect the influence of surrounding obstructions are the height to width ratio of the street section and the orientation of the urban pattern.
This study aims to investigate the relationship between the two afore-mentioned parameters with regard to the solar energy gains on the different sides of a courtyard block which is taken as a typological case study. The concept of vertical solar potential is a useful tool to compare and assess the response of different urban layouts to the thermal and lighting requirements of a Mediterranean climate, in both quantitative and qualitative terms.
The results of the analysis are expected to provide relevant information when formulating early design solutions to improve the solar performance and energy efficiency of urban patterns.

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