Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Methodology to reconstruct virtual cities from the past

Francisco Muñoz Salinas, Pilar Garcia Almirall


The project dealing with the construction of a virtual model of 1714 Barcelona was
commissioned to the LMVC (City Virtual Modeling Laboratory) by the Catalan Public Television
(TV3), in an attempt to reproduce the events of the battle fought in September 11th of that same
year. The main objective of this project was to generate a virtual model of an urban area and
particularly the area of Old City of Barcelona (Roca and Muñoz, 2004). Among the considered
applications the following can be mentioned: a) The visualization of areas of interest; b) The
analysis of urban and architectural environments as a tool for planning and urban design; c) The
rehabilitation of buildings to the extent that virtual environments allow the analysis of structural
and constructive behavior and, therefore, to deal with their conservation and recovery. But all
this requires a process of geometric generation, sometimes with a high degree of complexity,
and a perfectly timed work methodology. It also requires a research in historical and
architectural contexts to reach even the virtual recovery of non existing buildings. This paper
explains the main decisions taken during the course of these works with special emphasis on
those aspects related to the organization of different kinds of data in a unified whole that had to
be sent to other professionals and had to be, for that reason, organized in a clear and
comprehensible way for its further development.

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