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Writing as a settlement place in exile: Tununa Mercado and María Negroni

Adriana A. Bocchino


This article calls for the possibility of determining a settlement place for the women who contribute to the writing process as exiles. The exile expericence, whether interior or exterior, that was endured for policital reasons by Argentinean intellectuals during the second half of the 20th century, was more intense for women who write. This experience is reliably reproduced in the writings of the two women studied in this paper: Tununa Mercado and María Negroni. Both of these women are able to make and make for themselves a place from that location; they provide a different way of making literature. This article will analyze that place using two of their novels: Yo nunca te prometí la eternidad [I never promised you eternity] (2005) and La anunciación [The Annunciation] (2007), respectively.

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