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The construction of the national memory through the popular culture. The case of the argentinian Tv Show, Peter Capusotto y sus videos and the apocryphal musician, Bombita Rodríguez, el Palito Ortega Montonero

María Verónica Elizondo Oviedo


This article addresses the borders of the complex television sign through the analysis of the Argentinian TV show Peter Capusotto y sus videos. In it we find that humor is used as a mechanism to dismantle binary hierarchic political and social oppositions. The program is presented as a musical and comedy TV show where concepts such as popular culture and mass culture are questioned through different false musicians. We focus our attention in the character of Bombita Rodríguez, el Palito Ortega montonero due to the controversy generated in the cultural scene by the fact of bringing up recent aspects of Argentinian history.

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