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Interrogating Notions of Nationhood, Nation and Globalization in Postcolonial Africa : A Textual Analysis of Four African Novels

Elda Hungwe, Chipo Hungwe


Through the analysis of Pepetela’s Mayombe, Ngugi’s Petals of Blood, Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah and A Man of the People, this article interrogates concepts of nationhood and nation in postcolonial Africa within the framework of the postcolonial theory. Postcolonial theory defies grand narratives such as the nation and nationhood, hence deconstructs such narratives as they are problematic. This study shows problems associated with definitions of a nation in which some members are sidelined. Also explored is the idea of nationalism and its importance in forming the nation. It is revealed that nationhood is problematic in post independent Africa even though nationalism served a critical role during decolonisation because variations are noted as differences in gender and ethnicity disturb nation building. Globalisation is also threatening, challenging and undermining the existence of nations.

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