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The tale is the jungle : critical-ecological reading of los cuentos de la selva by Horacio Quiroga

Diego F. Arévalo


The main purpose of this article is to use a critical and ecological approach to read Horacio Quiroga´s text Los cuentos de la selva (1918) so to think about, what I have intended to name, ecological discourse. In order to achieve this objective, I will analyze how character’s speech reveals a “jungle communication”. Animals talk but not like human beings do. They use words to talk about native life but they do not talk about important human topics such as soul, thought, and so on. Words are used as an ecological system. Tigers and boas dialogues and toucan expressions have a particular interest: jungle as an event. We can affirm that Quiroga imagines jungle creating characters able to “talk the green” and to “dialogue the habitat”.

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