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Desviaciones del hedonismo en las traducciones españolas de la poesía de Carducci

Miquel Edo i Julià


Hedonism, as practised by Carducci by means of a strict marshalling of the five senses within a limited, non-transcendent space interrupted by movements of almost static slowness, underwent corrections at the hands of the “barbarian” poet’s Spanish and Latin American translators. These transformations arose from a greater importance attached in the target culture to forms of perception stemming from a Bible-based, anthropological substrate. On the one hand, the dimension of depth as well as the metaphysical horizon crept in or took hold. On the other hand, placidness was played up. But, above all, it was economic production and fertility that were to gain ground over a relationship to Nature in which Man was cast in the role of receiver rather than actor, in which aesthetic pleasure took precedence over material well-being.

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