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La Carta de Aristeas

Jaume Pòrtulas


Despite its generous lashings of historical fiction and invention, the letter of Aristaeas dedicated to Philocrates constitutes a key document in the history of translation. It sets out to explain the circumstances in which the Hebrew Law was translated into Greek (the famous Septuagint which derives its name from the number of translators believed to have been involved in the task) in Alexandria, probably by Jewish translators, from 3rd to 2nd centuries BC. The article gives an overview of modern scholarship's advances concerning the author and the date of composition, as well as the sources and vocabulary of this important document written in the Greek language. It also evokes the world of Alexandria, with its Museum and its famous Library, as well as describing the position of the Jews in Alexandrian society, and traces the genesis and development of the legend of Aristaeas. Finally, the article provides a Spanish translation of the work's most significant passages.

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