Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

No 21 (2017): On the Borders of Belonging

On the Borders of Belonging

This post-congress Coolabah issue entitled “On the Borders of Belonging” offers seven papers developed from presentations at the Go Between In Between congress, held at the University of Barcelona 18-22 January 2016. They offer different perspectives on identity formation but all deal with the potentialities and pitfalls, the enrichment and impoverishment, the empowerment and disempowerment that may flow from identitarian in-between positions, an area of inter and cross-culturality Homi Bhabha famously coined “the Third Space” in “The Manifesto” (Wasafiri 29, Spring 1999: 38–40). Located between the known and the unknown, the homely and the unhomely, the national and the foreign, the Self and the Other, this culturally fluid, mixed, hybrid discursive space is the zone where more and more human beings, perhaps willy-nilly, find themselves in these times of globalisation.
Living on the borders of belonging: An editorial note (p. 1-5)
Cornelis Renes
Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Matsuo Basho’s Oku no Hosomichi (p. 6-23)
Yasue Arimitsu
Belonging on the Borders (p. 24-32)
Inez Baranay
Muslims at the Australian periphery (p. 33-46)
Linda Briskman, Susie Latham
Becoming, belonging and sharing: Striving to live in the spirit of Ubuntu in Portugal (p. 47-58)
Paula Horta
Kalla yarning at Matagarup: Televised legitimation and the limits of heritage-making in the city (p. 59-70)
Thor Kerr, Shaphan Cox
Violence, borderlands and belonging: The matter of Black lives and Others (p. 71-86)
Cynthia Lytle
College Educated Pinatubo Aytas: A ‘Struggle of Identification’” (p. 87-104)
Julieta Mallari