Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Instructions for authors

AFINIDAD accepts review articles, original papers (experimental reports as well as theoretical studies) and short communications on all aspects of chemical engineering, process engineering, chemistry and biotechnology.

Types of paper

  1. Full Papers should include a summary of 100-200 words and 3-6 keywords.

They should be divided into sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements and References. The Results andDiscussion sections can be merged if needed.

Full papers should normally not exceed 5000 words, excluding tables, figures and references. Each manuscript should have less than 10 original figures and tables. Figures, tables and schemes should be presented in numeric order.

  1. Review Papers and articles of general interest related to chemistry are written and presented by scientists invited by the Editorial Board. The length of these article will depend on the subject.
  2. Short Communications should provide a concise statement of a preliminary report or significant research contribution. They should include a summary of not more than 50 words and 3-6 keywords.

They should be divided into: Brief Experimental Method Description, Results, Acknowledgements and References.

Short Communications should normally not exceed 2500 words excluding tables, figures captions and references. They should contain no more than 2 figures or tables. They will have publication priority.

  1. Letters to the Editor should either be on a topic of scientific concern or comment on recently published articles. They should not exceed 2 printed pages.

Submission of manuscript 

The original manuscript should be sent to the Editor of AFINIDAD by e-mail:

Authors will receive, by e-mail, an immediate acknowledgement of receipt. Within 6 months they will be notified of acceptance or rejection after peer evaluation.

Galley proofs will be sent to the author for correspondence (marked on the manuscript with an asterisk) by e-mail. These should be returned within the requested return dates to avoid publication delays.

Offprints will be sent to authors by e-mail in PDF format.

Guidelines for manuscript preparation

Articles must be written in English, Spanish or Catalan, typed in Times New Roman 12 point size, double-spaced throughout on DIN A4 pages, leaving a margin of 2.5 cm on each side. All pages must be numbered. Authors who are less familiar with the English language should seek assistance from proficient colleagues in order to produce manuscripts that are grammatically and linguistically correct.

Title: The title should head the manuscript. Abbreviations and trade names should be avoided.

Authors: Both first names and surnames of the authors should be written entirely, with their address. The author to whom correspondence should be addressed should be indicated with an asterisk (*).

Abstract and keywords: The abstract should summarize the contents of the paper should state the major findings and conclusions of the article. Any of the three official languages can be used. A list of keywords in alphabetical order should be added in order to assist in abstract listing and index production.

Description: The main text should contain the following items in the sequence given:

  • Introduction: It should describe the importance of the work in relation to the field, remaining problems, working hypothesis and objective of the study.
  • Materials and Methods: This section should provide sufficient information to enable replications the work by other investigations
  • Results: This section should include all tables, graphs and illustrations necessary to understand the study.
  • Discussion: It should describe the interpretation of the results in the context of previously published work and the hypotheses of the study.
  • Conclusion: It should state the importance and relevance of the work done.
  • Acknowledgements: Acknowledgements of financial support, advice or other kinds of assistance should be indicated at the end of the paper. They should be kept to a minimum.
  • References: References should be listed, in the order in which they are cited in the text, at the end of the article. They should be referred into the text between square brackets [number]. Abbreviations should conform to the CAS Source Index (CASSI). Papers that are unpublished but have been accepted by a journal may be cited with the journal's name followed by "in press". In all other cases the references must indicate be made to "unpublished work" or "personal communication".

Units, nomenclature, formulae, graphs and mathematical equations: The use of the Système International d'Unités (SI) is recommended. IUPAC standards should be observed. Known and accepted scientific abbreviations may be used. Special abbreviations should be defined when first mentioned. Equations, formulae and graphs may be marked with Arabic numerals in parentheses.

Figures and tables: Figures and tables should have legends or footnotes. Figure files should be sent separately in 300 ppi resolution. The numbers and letters should be legible after the reduction.  

Author’s rights

AFINIDAD will undertake that the author indicated in the article holds the intellectual property rights concerning the article sent to be published in AFINIDAD, except when the author indicates the opposite in writing. AFINIDAD holds the rights or authorization to disseminate figures, tables, plots and other materials complementing the text, and uses them according to the right of citation. In this later case, the source will be indicated at the bottom of each cited text, image, table or plot.

In a work submission, the author yields to AFINIDAD the rights of reproduction and distribution either in electronic or paper form of the published paper. This transfer of rights is not affected by territorial limits and is exclusive for one year period after publication of the concerned AFINIDAD issue.

After this term the author will be able to freely dispose of his text. On its side, AFINIDAD will be able to disseminate the work in electronic form. Likewise, AFINIDAD keeps the right to disseminate the article in monographic or special issues of AFINIDAD or other related editorial products (in printed or electronic edition). In relation to this later use, AFINIDAD will offer the authors the opportunity to review or update their article.

Dissemination and accessibility of the work through the Internet will be made from the webpage of RACO (Catalan Journals in Open Access,, a cooperative repository of Catalan scientific journals. To foster the diffusion of its contents, AFINIDAD will be able to make use of its own repository or those managed by institutions or publishing companies specialized in the provision of publishing services and in the diffusion of scientific magazines. With this aim, abstracts and published articles can be included in databases of private or public organisms with which AIQS has standing agreements.

AFINIDAD will appreciate that in second publication or dissemination of any article, a reference to the first publication in AFINIDAD is made, including the reference of the address.