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Los SMS como elemento de movilización social. Nuevas tecnologías, protestas ciudadanas e impacto mediático. La prensa catalana ante el 13-M y el macrobotellón de Barcelona

Xavier Ginesta Portet, Jordi Sopena


Our article deals with the topic of the new information
and communication technologies (ICT) and their
influence on social mobilizations. In recent years, we
have witnessed different events which demonstrate the
great power of the ICT in the mobilization of social communities. The demonstrations against the headquarters
of the Partido Popular (PP) on 13 March 2004 after the
terrible attacks carried out two days earlier, or the protests
of 17 March 2006 against Barcelona City Hall’s ban on drinking alcohol in the streets exemplify the close
connection that exists between the new technologies and
the preparation/organization of actions of protest. We
present research which analyzes whether the principal
Catalan newspapers (La Vanguardia, Avui, El Punt
and El Periódico) acknowledged the importance of the
influence of the ICT (above all, mobile/cell phones)
during these two demonstrations.
KEY WORDS: information and communication technologies (ICT), SMS, mobile/cell phones, social mobilizations.
PALABRAS CLAVE: Nuevas tecnologías de la información
y de la comunicación (TIC), SMS, telefonía móvil, movilizaciones sociales.

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