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Ciberperiodismo e información en la TDT: similitudes y diferencias

Josep Lluís Micó


Cyber-journalism and the news on terrestrial digital television (TDT) share numerous characteristics, such as the redefinition of the processes of production and of the responsibilities of media professionals, or the possibility of
exploring genres and formats heretofore unexplored by
means of the language of multimedia. However, in contrast
to what is happening on the Internet, TDT in Spain carries along with it some problems which prevent it from functioning as a fully interactive medium when it comes
to transmitting the news to its audience. Some of these
drawbacks are intrinsic in nature; others derive from the
configuration of digital television in the first phase of its
evolution in this country. Many authors share the view
that TDT is a first-class way of consolidating the Information Society. Nevertheless, this study, starting
from a comparison with the dynamic of cyber-newspapers,
describes some of the technological, conceptual and
economic limitations which it must first overcome.
KEY WORDS: Internet; television; TDT (Terrestrial
Digital Television); journalism; interactivity; convergence;
Information Society.
PALABRAS CLAVE: Internet; televisión; TDT (Televisión Digital Terrestre); periodismo; interactividad; convergencia; Sociedad de la Información.

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