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Ciència, un antídot contra el dogmatisme

Lluís Reales


The gaze of science, when trying to understand the
world, is a very effective antidote to rigid ways of
thought and intolerance. Immersing oneself in scientific
knowledge requires dedication and intellectual effort,
something which demands more daring and imaginative
strategies with regard to scientific communication. In
order to bridge the black hole between science and
society, universities and research centers need to change
their whole approach to communication. They must
improve the narrative and emotive elements in popularizing science; work on the perspective of genre; bring science into daily life; rethink the pedagogy that is used to transmit knowledge in the first stages of education.
KEY WORDS: economy of knowledge; science and society; democracy.
PARAULES CLAU: economia del coneixement; ciència i societat; democràcia.

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