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Els rols de la metàfora en la divulgació científica

Romà Guardiet i Bergé


In this article we analyze in a succinct way the different
roles that metaphor can play in relation to the processes
of the popularization of science. One is as a rhetorical
mechanism similar to that of a literary metaphor: a figure
full of evocations and suggestions which can arouse
the desire to continue exploring. Another is referential: to
be able to think and express complex concepts and phenomena in terms that are relatively familiar, as long as,
however, they are used in conditions that do not give rise
to important errors. The last role is that of replacing certain
conceptual models (conceptual metaphors) incorporated
by tradition in the cultural context with other, more adequate ones which, in principle, are incompatible
with the former.
KEY WORDS: metaphor, model, popularization of science.
PARAULES CLAU: metàfora, model, divulgació científica.

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