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Els museus de ciències com a mitjans de comunicació i el seu paper en la societat del coneixement

Patricia Castellanos


Science museums (MC — museus de ciències) have
acquired a key role in today’s society. Rapid scientific
and technological development is present in all of our
lives, and ordinary people require instruments to help
them approach what may seem to them to be an incomprehensible language. The Public Communication of
Science (CPC — Comunicació Pública de la Ciència)
is a tool which contributes to this relationship and, within
which, science museums constitute an irreplaceable
element to mediate between science and society. Already
accustomed to the educative and informative role of
science museums, the following article seeks to define
them as a medium of communication because of their
characteristics and their evolution.
KEY WORDS: Science museums; Public Communication
of Science; science and technology.
PARAULES CLAU: Museus de ciències; Comunicació
Pública de la Ciència; ciència i tecnologia.

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