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Tibar la corda més del compte. Les notícies científiques s'han generalitzat, però el missatge s'ha trivialitzat

Vladimir de Semir


Mere Anarchy is the name of Woody Allen’s latest
book in which the film director cultivates the genre of critical stories —farces perhaps?— about the world around
us, as he did years ago in, for example, Without
Feathers or in Getting even. One of the 18 stories in
this book is dedicated to science and its popularization.
It is entitled “Strung Out” in reference to the physics of
strings. This title of the intelligent New York filmmaker
serves as a metaphor to analyze whether journalism
and, in general, the popularization of science “stretches
the string too far” and tends to banalize knowledge.
KEY WORDS: scientific journalism, popularization of
science, science news, knowledge.
PARAULES CLAU: periodisme científic; divulgació
científica; notícies científiques; coneixement.

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