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Javier Sampedro


The public today has within its grasp an offer of scientific
knowledge without the remotest historical precedent.
And while it is true that technology demands ever
more specialists, what is it important is that we also
have ever better theories, ideas which are worth a thousand jargons and a million data. While the specialists
are solving the technical problems, this impedes their
results and ideas from reaching —not to speak of the
wider public, that is, 10 million spectators— but the
general educated audience, which of course represents
far more than the 3000 typical buyers of each book in
a science collection. One hundred thousand people
would already by an ambitious target. And we will not
reach them without launching attractive offers which
narrate the exciting intellectual adventure of scientific
KEY WORDS: scientific content; scientific communicator;
media; public; culture.
PALABRAS CLAVE: contenidos científicos; comunicador
científico; medios de comunicación; público;

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