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Más allá de la telebasura: las pseudociencias

Javier Armentia


In 1976, TVE began broadcasting Más Allá (The
Beyond), a pioneer program at that time for Spanish tele-
vision. Thirty years later, channels of one stripe or anot-
her maintain a self-interested relationship with all of
those matters which, as they are appealing to a certain
sector of the audience, have to do with UFO’s, parapsy-
chology and the occult, as well as the post- 9-11 “cons-
piranoias” and hard-core sensationalism. The current
success of Cuarto Milenio on channel four does nothing
but call into doubt the very essence of a certain type of
journalism which, with ever greater frequency, does not
hesitate to cross, whenever convenient, that dangerous
line which separates news from pure entertainment.

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