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Reality Bites. De cómo la telerrealidad ayudó a salvar la ficción

Concepción Carment Cascajosa Virino


Reality TV has exerted a noticeable influence on the fic-
tion formats in the United States in the last decade, ser-
ving as inspiration for the thematic, narrative and sty-
listic renovation of traditional genres. While Jerry
Bruckheimer’s popular crime dramas were inspired by
scientific docudramas, the competitive reality show
Survivor was part of the creation process of the sophisti-
cated adventure drama Lost, and the reality series sta-
rring has-been celebrities opened the path followed by
innovative comedies like Arrested Development and The
Comeback. While this is still a popular trend in the
American television industry, we can stress that the
hibridity between reality shows and fiction programs is
minimal in Spain, where the prejudices against Reality
TV continue in full force.

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