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(Tele)visiones del futuro. O de cómo los medios colonizaron el cuerpo

Iván Gómez


Like it or not, we are witnessing a process of media socia-
lization without precedent in the history of communica-
tion. Programming is now the filling necessary for the
real proprietor of television, the advertiser, to achieve his
objectives. As Debord pointed out, “The spectacle pre-
sents itself simultaneously as society itself, as a part of
society, and as a means of unification.” It is no longer
just the case of having a cerebral implant that turns us
into cameras with legs, nor of being the involuntary pro-
tagonist in one's own television program, but rather of
suffering the image as virus. The great global threat, that
the cyberpunk fictions copy from our world, derives from
the concentration of the mass media. The path towards
Orwell’s dystopia necessarily passes through the existen-
ce of a Big Brother. Perhaps in the end the battle will
reach beyond the terrain of content, from which point we
must also be concerned with the technologies which per-
mit its transmission.

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