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La McTele frente a los higienistas, los realistas y los demócratas

Víctor Fco. Sampedro


McTele or McTV must be understood as the inevitable
result of the postfordist logic which has been imposed on
the television industry, a logic which was implanted
with the end of the monopoly on public services, privati-
zation and the subsequent need to reduce the cost of pro-
gramming due to the greater competition among chan-
nels. As it is the audience who are being defrauded, it
seems normal that the expression of reality television
lends support to the complementary argument for trash-
TV: it is a reflection of what there is, on and off screen,
for those who make it and those who watch it. The
defense of “neo-television of the viewers” or of teledemo-
cracy is the new and exclusive armor of those with the
power of assigning the label. This is expressed, better
than in any other cultural feature, in the depauperation
of public visibility and of the syndical-political rights
which incarnate the “cathode servitude” to which the
protagonists of McTele are condemned.

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