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Las redacciones de los canales "todo noticias" como laboratorio periodístico: los casos de BBC News 24 y Rainews 24

José Alberto García Avilés


This article examines the ways in which journalistic procedures have been influenced by the digitalization of television newsrooms, within the comparative framework of two “24 hour” news channels. The study is based on research carried out both in a British public service television, (BBC News 24) and an Italian public television (Rainews 24). There are differences in size, culture, structure and output between the two channels analysed. Both newsrooms have introduced wide structural changes, such as allowing journalists to edit the pieces by themselves and to produce news for television and the Internet. Consideration is given to issues such as organizational structure, multi-skilling and journalists´s working habits developed in this process. And it is also examined the issue as to whether these newsrooms are used as a laboratory for testing new technology and organizational systems.

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