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"Match Point" i la filosofia de primers de segle

Miquel Tresserras


In the hands of certain ‘auteurs’ such as Bresson, Passolini, Allen, Lynch or Von Trier, the cinema addressed to the public at large presents stories from which topics emerge which are raised above current events and deal instead with philosophical questions. Thus, despite appearances, ‘Match Point’ is not a film about ordinary life, the material of the society pages of newspapers, but rather, starting from the typical plot of a thriller, Woody Allen raises a reflection on the meaning of ethics and, thus, of life. He philosophizes. A types of philosophy in which reverberates the idea of Vattimo, according to whom so-called postmodern philosophy has a tendency to distance itself from the traditional systems and adopt a colloquial language that is “contaminated” and “weak”, but which makes accessible to the public at large a serious reflection on problems which are vital in the world today.

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