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De l'auge de la història com a notícia

Miquel Peralta Mas


This articles seeks reasons to explain the unusually high number of historical programs, particularly about the history of Catalonia, in the mass media. It attempts to demonstrate that there are specific periods of history which awaken additional interest on the part of the public in their historical past, in accordance with a specific political, socio-economic and cultural conjunction. This essay establishes a certain parallel between the near-unanimous public desire to know the true history of Catalonia and Spain during the so-called political Transition and the recent change of century, with a new statutory process taking place and a new left-wing coalition government. The author argues that recent programs on radio and television have been well done with enormous creative and distribution potential, and establishes a typological identification of the different historical programs on radio and television.

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ISSN paper: 1138-3305. ISSN electrònic: 2340-5007

Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna. Universitat Ramon Llull.