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Marca y publicidad: un matrimonio por amor

Antonio Caro


The objective of this article is to throw into relief the intrinsic relationship which exists between brand and advertising, once the former has been distanced from the product and the latter has focused on the task of filling this void with the imaginary meaning which it constructs with regard to each specific brand. The text reviews both the economical consequences that derive from this primordial relationship which exists between brand and advertising (in virtue of which the reigning capitalism describes in terms of scarcity that which in practice is a superabundance of products) as well as the fragility and instability which characterize a public scenario presided over by commercial brand or entities of any sort which have adopted the status of a brand. Today the decades-old marriage for love of brand and advertising has led to the current lovemarks, an extreme expression of the consumer loyalty which advertising and capitalism together postulate with regard to the imaginary associations of brands.

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