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Medición de las respuestas psicofisiológicas grupales para apoyar el análisis de discursos políticos

José Luís Martínez Herrador, Sergio Monge Benito, M. Isabel Valdunquillo Carlón


This article presents the application of a group galvanicskin response measurement technique to the analysis ofa fragment of Zapatero-Rajoy political debate during2008 general elections. The analysis of speech receptionfrom psychophysiological arousal point of view allowsus to draw some conclusions about suitability of differentstrategies that political candidates used. We presentpotential uses of this technique to analyze audiovisualdiscourses in political communication.KEY WORDS: galvanic skin response, sociograph,Zapatero, Rajoy, debate, psychophysiology.

PALABRAS CLAVE: respuesta electrotérmica, sociograph,Zapatero, Rajoy, debate, psicofisiología.

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ISSN paper: 1138-3305. ISSN electrònic: 2340-5007

Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna. Universitat Ramon Llull.