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Médias et développements politiques dans le Maghreb et le monde arabe

Ahmed Ghazali


From the beginning of 2011, not a day has passed without the media informing us about the events taking place in many Arab countries or the Internet and the blogosphere bringing us the buzz being heard in the Arab world about the revolutionary movements. It is likely that the processes of social change in the Maghreb and in the Arab world, have never before been so widely reported, followed and mediated by the broadcast media -—even hyper-mediated— with an abundance of images and coverage, sometimes in real time, and a huge involvement of all of the actors in this coverage mostly carried out by means of the use of new technologies. A wide-scale political dynamic has been created which reaches into all of the public spheres of the Arab world, both those habitual for political and civic society and those that are non-conventional, such as those expressed in the street or on the web. These socio-political movements of revolution, protest and the expression of grievances has taken the world by surprise. The object of this article is to analyze the intertwining of politics and the media in the events taking place. We analyze the political changes, while reflecting on the role of the media in these processes, whether as principal actors in these dynamics or as the object themselves of study. Our objective is to make understandable the phenomena and the complex interactions, both the apparent and the profound ones, in the process of socio-political changes in the Arab world and also the change in the media landscape in these countries.

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