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El docudrama contemporáneo: rasgos configuradores

Carme Raventós Mercadé, Efrén Cuevas, Marta Torregrosa


The docudrama has become a narrative and genre model of increasing importance in contemporary fiction and with a growing impact in Spain, above all in its televised form. However, in our country, academic research on the docudrama is still relatively limited in comparison with the attention which it has received in the English-speaking world. The paper we present here offers an initial approach to the definition of the docudrama, based on two different types of analysis. In the first part, we consider contextual analysis, which analyzes the basic features of the principal traditions —the British and the North American— which have historically shaped these products. In the second, we analyze elements of a textual nature, based on their dual fictional and documentary aspects.

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ISSN paper: 1138-3305. ISSN electrònic: 2340-5007

Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna. Universitat Ramon Llull.