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Sobre el comportamiento de las marcas en los medios sociales: la lección de Lady Godiva

Sílvia Sivera-Bello


When advertising greed reaches the internet and damages the brands themselves, we hear in the background the clip clop of Lady Godiva’s horse as she rides nude through the streets of Coventry. This act —a brave and committed one— of this community manager of the Middle Ages serves in the present article as an exercise in prosopopeia to analyze the strategic and creative management of brands in the current panorama of the digital social media. What is more, it permits us to approach the question within the context of the feminization of advertising pointed out by some authors, as well as to mark out a territory in which many companies ride with no clear direction.

Sílvia Sivera-Bello es profesora de Publicidad y RRPP y del Grado en Comunicación de la Universitat Oberta de
Catalunya, así como del Máster en Dirección Estratégica y Creativa de Comunicación y Publicidad en el Istituto Europeo di Design.

KEY WORDS: social media, community manager, online communities, digital advertising.
PALABRAS CLAVE: medios sociales, community manager, comunidades online, publicidad digital.

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