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Una mirada al consumidor de hoy (y de mañana) desde la publicidad

Gemma Domingo, Cristina Martorell


The consumer, the object and target of today’s advertising, has become the center of all of company communication strategies. His or her participation, opinions and, thus, influence is being strongly felt. Companies have become aware of the role of the consumer and the importance of knowing in depth the personality, desires, concerns, habits, etc. of each one of the individuals that comprise their target audience. In spite of the crisis in which we are immersed, brands are prioritizing their relationship with the consumer ever more highly. In this article, we attempt to analyze briefly some of the most significant consumer trends, paying particular attention to some current practical cases connected to the advertising strategies, actions and formats that are shaping this new scenario in which the consumer is the protagonist.

Gemma Domingo y Cristina Martorell forman parte del grupo de Recerca en Estratègia i Creativitat Publicitàries de la Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull).

KEY WORDS: new consumer, consumer trends, adver- tising.
PALABRAS CLAVE: nuevo consumidor, tendencias del consumidor, publicidad.

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Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna. Universitat Ramon Llull.