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Relaciones públicas y nacionalismo: Una aproximación a la construcción nacional desde la perspectiva de las relaciones públicas

Jordi Xifra


Social communication has interested analysts of nationalism and the construction of nation in particular since the authors of two of the principal schools concerned with the process of the creation of nation-states, the primordialist and the modernist schools, consider communicative processes as a basis for the initiatives of the construction of nation. Nevertheless, these contributions to the debate are insufficient to cover the problem from the dimension of relational communication. The construction of nation is a process which requires interactions at different levels: citizens-citizens, citizens-state, and between the state and other nations. This article explores the role of public relations in the processes of construction of nation, giving and analyzing examples of public relations initiatives in strategies of the construction of nation.

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Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna. Universitat Ramon Llull.