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Gondomaria grandeuryi (Zeiller) Wagner & Castro, 1998, in the context of an upper Stephanian flora from Surroca (prov. Girona, Catalonia, Spain)

R. H. Wagner


A brief discussion on the general composition of the Stephanian C flora of Surroca is followed by a description of Gondomaria grandeuryi (Zeiller), a rare form of fernlike foliage of uncertain affinity. The genus Gondomaria Teixeira 1964 is discussed and comparison is made with Rhachiphyllum Kerp 1986, a 'callipterid' formgenus of Stephanian C (early Autunian) to later Autunian ages.

Key words: Stephanian, Catalonia, Callipterid, Fernlike, Gondomaria.

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