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El mamut y la colección petrológica de grandes bloques del Parque de la Ciudadela (Barcelona, España)

J. Gómez-Alba


The history of the mammoth, which is a life-sized reproduction in reinforced concrete, and also the petrologic collection of large stone blocks in the Parque de la Ciudadela in Barcelona are reconstructed. Precedents and reasons for its erection as part of a project to make the park a cultural and recreational area are discussed. The process leading to the destruction in 1929 of the petrologic collection of one-hundred and thirty-three examples of large stone blocks set on pedestals is reported. Attempts to re-establish the exhibition, a critical inventory and a plan showing the original layout of the blocks are described. Finally, captions for the thirty-two stone blocks presently seen at the facade of the Museo Martorell are proposed.

Key Words: Mammoth, Petrology, Large Stone Blocks, Science History, Junta de Ciencias Naturales, Martorell Museum, Catalonia, Spain.

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