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Correlations biostratigraphiques entre la coupe d'Organyà (Pyrénées Catalanes, NE de l'Espagne) et le Sud - Est de la France pour l'intervalle Valanginien - Aptien

R. Schroeder, B. Clavel, M. A. Conrad, L. Zaninetti, R. Busnardo, J. Charollais, A. Cherchi


Between 1998 and 2000 the well-known Organyà section (Catalonian Pyrenees) was the subject of three important publications (of which two were doctoral theses) dealing with the Valanginian – Aptian stratigraphy. The two theses came to completely different conclusions concerning the biostratigraphy of the Hostal Nou Formation and the lower part of the Prada Formation.
It thus appeared necessary to reinterpret the data published in these two theses in the light of the results obtained in SE France, especially on the orbitolinid
biostratigraphy (related to the ammonite scale) and on sequence stratigraphy.
The present paper demonstrates that the series of the Berriasian-Valanginian and Urgonian platform carbonates of the Organyà section and SE France present a remarkable stratigraphic identity.

Key words: Catalonian Pyrenees (Spain), Organyà, Hostal Nou, Prada, Subalpine Chains (France), Jura, Urgonian, Valanginian, Hauterivian, Barremian, Aptian.

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