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Ten years on: the Community Archaeology Project Quseir, Egypt

Gemma Tully


The Community Archaeology Project Quseir (CAPQ), Egypt, celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2008. The longevity of the project is a testament to its success. In this paper I shall outline the history of the project and detail the various developments that have enabled the project to grow together with the local community. Developing a clear methodology and acknowledging education as the cornerstone of community archaeology have been at the heart of the project from the very beginning. Receiving the first academic grant awarded to a community archaeology project in which determining a methodological strategy for community archaeology was the explicit aim, the CAPQ provides the most explicit methodology for community archaeology published to date. Helping to establish community archaeology as a research topic in its own right, the CAPQ demonstrates the potential for collaboration and reciprocal learning between seemingly distanced cultural and geographical, archaeological and local communities.

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