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Alternativas a la crisis desde una perspectiva fenomenológica y antroposófica

Andri Werner Stahel


This paper, starting from the ideas and proposals presented by Rudolf Steiner in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, aims to show a holistic and integrated view of the current crisis of civilization and its possible alternatives.
The starting point, as for Steiner, is the individual and its potential conscience and freedom manifested in its own process of personal and spiritual development.
From a phenomenological epistemology that, against the external view and
dissociative mechanistic science, seeks for an associative and dialectic knowledge, we see the emergence of an ethic for making that is not the result of an external truth (religion, ideology or model), but from the deep and empathetic understanding of the internal and external reality that conducts to different forms of social, political, cultural, economic and ecological making.

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